Our vision is to remove up to 30% of the cost of energy and services out of the energy value chain while helping customers reduce their energy bills.

About Innowatts

Innowatts is a Houston based energy technology company providing an automated self-learning analytics platform and suite of predictive customer engagement solutions for energy providers and customers worldwide.

Innowatts’ technology combines machine learning enabled analytics with intelligence from utility smart meters and other critical data on customer behavior, operating environment and external factors to help energy providers optimize cost and empower consumers with personalized energy products, services, and relevant engagement.

The Innowatts Difference

Our unique advantage lies in our “bottoms-up” approach to understanding and predicting customer consumption behavior and translating that insight into a powerful stream of actionable intelligence. Our systems combine active data from utility smart meters with a wide array of internal and external variables, allowing us to create disaggregated views of customer consumption without any additional investment in sub-metering or device level monitoring.

This unique approach to load disaggregation is what enables us to produce highly accurate and time tested predictive models that can been applied across a wide range of geographic, climatic, operating and regulatory environments. Clients utilizing Innowatts’ predictive models across their businesses have achieved unprecedented levels of accuracy in their ability predict customer consumption and anticipate downstream behaviors.

Knowing with precision what the customer will do and how they will react in a wide array of circumstances allows the utility to position its products, pricing and service model in a way that is dramatically more efficient. This means lower cost for the utility, lower bills for customers, and a better experience all the way around.