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Innowatts Energy Monitoring System
Energy Monitoring
Use advanced energy tech to manage consumption in realtime off any digital device. See your usage break down in daily, weekly, and monthly increments. Make meaningful adjustments to your consumption before you recieve your monthly bill. Know the exact time, day, and week your home or apartment uses the majority of your energy.

Create specific alerts to notify you when your comsumption reaches a set threshold, when to renew your plan, and when to pay your bill. Gain the insight needed to have greater budget control and to become more energy efficent.
Online Energy Marketplace Innowatts
Customized Rate
We are using our technology to solve the issues of 70% of the market having to pay for the larger 30% of the commercial energy space. Every commercial consumer that uses Innowatts gets the ability to break the mold and recieve a fully one off energy product.

When you join the movement with Innowatts, you will always get a plan that meets your business energy needs. We’ll tell you how much you can expect to pay each month and how much you’ll be able to save each month. Giving you greater budget control and better options.
Business Electricity Calculator Innowatts
Cost Calculator
While you compare providers, utilize our nifty new calculator tool to help you determine your monthly electricity expense. Simply provide us a rate that you have settled on and a usage amount. Our calculator will then do what it does best and project your monthly electricity bill. Determine if a plan works for your budget before you enroll.

Once you enter our customized plan screen, you can use our cost calculator to see how easy it really is. You may even just start calculating every provider we have. So, put away that blocky T99 and short form formula. Experience the ease of our new calculator.
Switch Once And Done Innowatts
Switch Once & Done
One-time enrollment for hassle-free switching of energy plans at the end of contract.

• We shop the market up to 1 year in advance with your profile

• Months prior to your contract end date you recieve personalized plans based on your companies profile.

• Never go through enrollment process again just verify information and you are done!
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Our Revolutionary Energy App
This new mobile app has it all
Business Electricity Application Innowatts