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Common Questions
How do I switch to a new plan that offers the best rate for my home or business?

InnoWatts puts you in charge of deciding which electricity provider and plan best fits your needs in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Search

2. Select

3. Switch

To compare the best available plans that fit your consumption profile, have your latest electric bill on hand:
Enter your ZIP code.
If you are a residential customer, review the available plans and select the one you like best.
If you are a commercial customer, enter the monthly load (in KWh) and peak demand (in KW) from your latest available bill.
Fill in the requested information on the enrollment form.
Any and all information you provide will be handled in accordance with the InnoWatts Privacy Policy and is strictly confidential. We will not share or sell your personal information to anyone except the electricity provider you select when you make the switch.

Who can switch providers?

Using the InnoWatts app, residential customers and businesses (regardless of size or industry classification) in deregulated markets can easily and quickly compare electricity providers and plans, and change to the one of their choosing.

How long does it take to switch electricity providers?

It only takes a few minutes in 3 Easy Steps via the easy-to-use InnoWatts website or mobile app to find your best electricity rates and change plans and/or providers.

What is "customized pricing"?

Customized pricing is based on your specific load. All commercial and industrial customers who use more than 100,000 KWh per month and/or more than 100 KW peak demand will automatically get customized pricing through InnoWatts. You will get multiple bids in a secured login process (not visible to any providers) from which to choose your best electricity provider.

If you are a small business such as a gas station, dry cleaner or small restaurant, or a residential customer who uses less than 100,000 KWh per month, you can also request customized pricing, but you will automatically get the best available electricity rates through InnoWatts.

What do I need to provide to InnoWatts to get a customized pricing?

If you are a commercial & industrial customer and you use more than 100,000 KWh per month, you will automatically receive customized pricing. If you are a residential customer, you may request customized pricing. You will need to provide InnoWatts with a signed letter of authorization (LOA) so that we may obtain your historical usage data from your current provider.

What kind customized energy products does InnoWatts offer for commercial customers?
  • InnoWatts offers the following energy products for our commercial customers:
  • Fixed Rates – Your rate will not change during the term that you have signed up for with the exception of certain pass-through TDSP charges.
  • Variable Rates – Your rate will fluctuate based on actual market prices.
  • 100% Index (Day Ahead or Real Time) -- When the power prices are low in the market, you will pay a lower rate.
  • Block and Index: You can fix the rate for the certain portion of your load block
  • Fixed heat rate -- Your power prices will change with the gas index.
Why does InnoWatts need my Federal Tax ID, Social Security Number and Driver’s License?

If you are a commercial customer, your Federal Tax ID number is required to obtain your credit rating and assess whether you will have to pay a deposit when you switch providers. If you are a residential customer, InnoWatts needs your Social Security and Driver’s License to get your credit rating and determine whether or not you will have to pay a deposit when you switch providers. This information enables InnoWatts to get you the best possible electricity rates.

Will I have to pay a deposit to begin service?

You may be required to pay a deposit to your new electricity provider before your service can begin, depending on your payment history and your credit score. You never pay any money directly to InnoWatts. Our app and services are completely free.

What happens if I have a contract with my current electricity provider and want to switch?

You may still choose to switch to a new electricity provider after comparing all the plans on InnoWatts. However, before switching, please be sure to review the contract you have with your current electricity provided to understand your obligations to terminate your existing plan.

What happens when I switch providers?

After you have selected a new electricity provider and signed up for service using the InnoWatts app, your new electricity provider will contact you to complete the switching process. You do not have to cancel your current service — the new supplier will handle that for you. You will still have to pay the final bills from your previous electricity provider, but there won’t be any interruption in service.

Will I lose power when switching?

Changing your electricity provider does not affect the reliability or quality of your electricity supply. However, if you are moving to a new location rather than simply switching providers and/or plans, your electricity will usually need to be disconnected and reconnected. Before moving, contact your current electricity provider to disconnect the service. You will start service at your new location by selecting a provider and plan through the InnoWatts app.

Can my energy provider change the electricity rate during the term that I signed for?

If you signed for a fixed rate and term, for example, $0.104 per KWh for 36 months, then you are protected from any price changes except for certain pass-through Transmission Distribution and Service Provider (TDSP) charges. TDSPs are the companies that read your meters and maintain your electrical poles and lines. However, if you sign up for a variable rate plan, your rate will change based on fluctuating market prices. Variable rates can be good when market prices for electricity are low, but, again, are subject to change.

When will my new plan start?

If you're requesting electricity service at a new location, your service will begin a minimum of two business days after you sign up. If you're switching from one electricity provider to another, your service will start 5 to 7 business days after you sign up.

What is "peak demand"?

Peak demand applies to commercial customers only. It is the highest actual demand or your highest electricity usage within a billing period, measured in KW.

What is "current rate"?

Current rate is the cost per KWh that you are currently paying for your electricity.

What is an ESI?

ESI stands for Electric Service Identifier, which is a specific number that identifies the physical location where you have your electrical service.

What does an EDC mean?

EDC is the acronym for Electric Distribution Company. This is the company that delivers the electricity to customers through its network of power lines, substations, transformers and so on. The EDC is responsible for maintaining the delivery system and is who you call when you have a power outage.

Where can I find the detailed information about the plan that I like best?
When you see a plan you like, just follow the hyperlink on the InnoWatts page to “Pricing Details.” There you will get detailed information (electricity fact labels) for the rates that interest you, including energy charges, transmission and distribution line charges, base charge (if any) and other regulatory fees.
Who sends me my electricity bill when I sign up using InnoWatts?
The energy provider you sign up with will send the bill directly to you. Please refer to your account information on the provider’s website to set up your billing preferences.
Who do I contact if there is a power outage?
You will need to contact your local power distribution company or service provider for any outages or service issues you experience.
What is an account number and where do I find it?
For Connecticut residents, Your Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) Account Number is 11 digits and starts with "51".

What is a name key and where do I find it?
For Connecticut residents, Your Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) Name Key is 4 letters.

What is a service reference number and where do I find it?
For Connecticut residents, Your Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) Service Reference Number is 9 digits.

What is a POD ID and where do I find it?
For Connecticut residents, Your Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) Service Reference Number is 9 digits.