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Only A Few Easy Steps
How to save on home electricity plans
1) Identify Your Needs
After entering you zip code above, you’ll be asked a few quick questions about your current home/apt. 5 simple questions will be asked in order to identify your specific electricity plan needs. Answering these questions will result in a personalized product and customized pricing that fit your individual usage profile and budget. You’ll have the ability to skip these set of questions, but will recieve standard products and pricing that might hinder the ability for you to save monthly.
How To Save On Home Electricity rates Innowatts
2) Choose and Compare
After you identify your electricity needs, you will be directed to the plans page. Here you have the ability to choose and compare exlcusive plans from different providers in one centeralized place. You deserve to feel privileged using our digital utility. You can filter the plans by term length, usage, or select one of our recommended products. Each plan displays information around how much you can save each month and what you can expect to pay on your monthly bill.

If you would like to see more details on a particular electricity plan you have the option to see the plan’s details. Here you can see how to save on your electricity plan with the expenses, documents, and benefits that come with that particular plan in one place. If you want to get a percise idea of how much you’ll actually pay each month, you can utilize the energy cost calculator below the products. Enter in your exact usage and the rate of the plan your are considering. We’ll run that information through our system and tell you exactly what you can expect to pay.
how to save on electricity innowatts
3) Finish Enrollment
One you’ve picked the plan that’s perfect for you, you’ll be transported to our customer information page. Here you’ll need to provide the necessary information to finish your enrollment such as service and billing address, customer information, and the ability to recieve our free energy monitoring service. All the information you provide us is safely secured on our backend servers for the next time you decide to enroll. Simply log into your account and we’ll prefill the information with your updated information. Making your next enrollment fast and easy.
Innowatts Mobil Application
4) Download The App
Less of a step and more of a reminder. In order to keep up with your electricity bill and plan, we have digitized the energy space for you with our personal mobil application. You can downlaod this and continue finding new ways to save on your electricity bill. Monitor your energy usage in realtime and make meaningful adjustments before you recieve your monthly bill. Know exactly what your projected usage and bill will be before you ever recieve one.

Set up alerts to keep you informed about spikes in your daily electricity, when your appliances might need servicing, when to pay your bill, when its time to renew, or whatever alert you want to create to help you save money on your home electricity. Store your usage profiles to receive updated plan offers and custom pricing. Enroll your home, apartment, or business directly through the mobile application or back here on our website.