Unlock deep customer insights to
thrive in the new energy landscape

Innowatts: Where Data Goes To Work

A confluence of forces is dramatically altering the electric power industry. New regulations. Increased urgency to pursue net zero. Changing consumer demand towards electric vehicles and other low carbon technologies. All of these are creating great challenges– and even greater opportunities– for electricity companies who can fully utilise the power of customer data.

Energy Disaggregation

Grasp the “why” behind shifting consumption, so you can evolve quickly.

User Clustering

With customer profiles, create future-looking strategies that meet users on their terms.

Smart Engagement

Transform how you service your customers. Offer timely products and programs.

The Innowatts Platform: Scaleable. Configurable. Secure.

Innowatts is an industry leader in Artificial Intelligence. Our AI-powered SaaS platform is built on data from our portfolio of 43 million+ global meters. That means we can provide our customers with unmatched proprietary insights and more nimble operations compared to other vendors or in-house data analysis solutions. 

So, whether you’re looking to accurately assess customer usage patterns, design rate plans around time of use or achieve net zero goals, our secure, scaleable platform works for you. That translates to a lower cost to serve, a more profitable position, increased efficiency and a sustainable energy future — creating loyal customers at every step of the way.

Serving Your Needs—Your Way

Our offerings range from targeted insights to select modules to turnkey solutions. Plus, we integrate our products to complement your existing capabilities, so you’re equipped with everything you need to succeed and nothing you don’t.

Our Suite of AI-Powered Modules


Our solutions effectively allow you to manage rates and tariffs, so you can direct your strategic initiatives toward capturing customers, influencing their behaviors and selling them additional products and services. With better insights, you’re better prepared to protect your financial future by building strategies that integrate with changing usage patterns and customer demands.


With increasing electrification and a shift to renewables, managing supply is more challenging than ever. Those suppliers with the clearest outlook will be best equipped to adapt and prosper. Our supply modules give you that vision. We help you see the future now, so you can implement solid strategies to be the provider that’s ready to serve customers as they drive the transition to new sustainable energies.


We gather and analyse real-time data flowing from millions of meters to help you gain true understanding of current demand in a shifting energy landscape. Armed with these insights, you’re in the best position to predict impacts to short- and long-term usage, so you can test your strategies and properly plan for the future.

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