Providing regulated utilities with new insights into customer demand and behaviors to help design, build and deliver a reliable and sustainable energy experience.

Strengthen resources and infrastructure

Delivering reliable and sustainable energy is becoming an increasingly complex challenge as technologies and customer demands evolve. With “bottoms up” customer intelligence from Innowatts, you’ll optimize supply portfolios and plan infrastructure investments far better than ever before, ensuring your plans match what’s happening on both sides of the meter.

Optimize products and pricing strategies

Customizing and tailoring your products and pricing to individual customers is becoming increasingly critical in containing costs and enhancing customer value. Innowatts provides the analytics and intelligence that inform your product and pricing strategies, focus your program marketing investments, and manage results for maximum ROI.

Redefine the customer experience

Simple and efficient customer service and engagement starts with anticipating and solving problems before they arise. Innowatts couples powerful analytics with predictive intelligence to ensure your communications stay focused on what’s important to your customers. Effective communication ahead of potential problems, like bill shocks and planned outages, will minimize downstream service impacts.