Providing regulators with customer-level intelligence to design and oversee tomorrow’s energy policy.

Market policy and direction

“Utility of the future” initiatives are becoming commonplace as pilot projects test and prove smart grid concepts, pricing models and other programmatic alternatives. Innowatts uses customer-level intelligence to help inform your plans and market designs, and manage your deployment in a way that minimizes false starts and ensures the successful deployment of your market strategies.

Pricing and rate optimization

Although pricing structures have long been the vehicle through which utilities have distributed costs while encouraging the most efficient supply resource utilization to the customer, they are often complex and lack transparency. Innowatts uses insights into customer behaviors and costs to help design more customized and tailored pricing that improves transparency while optimizing system-wide energy resources.

Resource sustainability

Many of the grid balancing organizations that manage energy supply and demand recognize that system intelligence is woefully inadequate, particularly with respect to the adequacy of today’s forecasting and planning. Innowatts provides you with a more robust body of planning intelligence that helps balance resources in an increasingly complex energy system.