Actionable Intelligence for the whole value chain

While there are over 500 Million smart meters deployed globally, only a very small portion of their value is fully appreciated by energy providers and other market participants. While smart meters have allowed us to lower the cost of meter reading, improve collections and begin providing customers with better information on their consumption, we have yet to unleash the value of this intelligence on some of the most critical functions within the energy value chain.

At Innowatts, we are all about unlocking the insights from smart meter data, creating a body of actionable intelligence and delivering it to key stakeholders in new and creative ways.

Customized to the needs of each energy stakeholder

While there are a myriad of market players and participants that can gain value from better customer data and smart meter intelligence, the ways in which this data will be used varies widely depending on their unique market dynamics and business objectives. Over the past several years, we’ve worked with a broad range of organizations from a host of different environments to develop applications and use cases for dealing with some of the most challenging issues. Whether you are an energy provider, regulator, distribution utility, transmission operator or just an energy consumer, Innowatts has developed a suite of analytics and actionable intelligence just for you.

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