Core Analytics:
Our Foundation

Core Analytics: The Foundation of the Innowatts Platform

core analytics

Analytics brings the Innowatts suite of modules to life, transforming smart meter data into smarter business decisions.

Energy Enlightenment Begins Here

To understand the usage characteristics of each meter, Innowatts Core Analytics analyzes historical AMI data, applies robust artificial intelligence, and performs cluster analysis, load disaggregation and other customized functions.

As a result, for every individual meter, a unique energy footprint is created, which in turn becomes the input for other Innowatts modules. From how a change in weather or lifestyle will affect a specific customer’s energy usage to what rate plan is best suited for a customer – Core Analytics drives insights.


Don’t waste data. With Core Analytics, you realize the full value of your customers’ smart meters.

AMI Data Analytics: Up and Running, Fast

Within a few short weeks, Innowatts’ clients gain full transparency into their AMI data to understand their customers’ usage. This in turn helps guide everything from pricing and rate plans, to personalized energy solutions and customer engagement.

Thinking, Exponentially Accelerated

Innowatts uses learnings from working with more than 45 million meters to create better machine learning models, which drive actionable insights from AMI data analytics. For example, cluster analysis groups customers according to their usage pattern, allowing for appropriate rate classes to be assigned. Load disaggregation, which differentiates between customers based on weather sensitivity, indicates when a higher premium should be assigned to cover corresponding risk.

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