Grid Edge Management

Grid Edge Management: Enabling Distributed Energy Resources

 Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and successful IoT integration are crucial factors to grid reliability. It all begins with intelligence.

You Can Learn a Lot from 45 million meters

Behavioral trends. Usage factors. Long-term load forecasting. Innowatts’ platform takes historical data from millions of smart meters from around the world, then uses machine learning and AI to accurately predict the future.

Instead of using broad trends on what the future holds, you have real usage data to support your infrastructure investments. Our platform analyzes this data to learn how certain factors are impacting demand. This gives you the information to take the appropriate course of action, whether it’s making an infrastructure investment or tailoring messages and incentives for your customers.


More than 70% of infrastructure planners feel they lack the behind-the-meter intelligence needed to plan and manage their projects.

Intelligence Applied

Let’s say you want to run a scenario analysis on the potential impact of electric vehicles on the grid. Innowatts can help. Meter-level data and AI, combined with data on EV buying trends and predictions, can help you understand how your grid capacity will be impacted. In turn, you can evaluate different courses of action – whether it’s investing in infrastructure or creating incentives to customers for charging their vehicles overnight.

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