Load Scheduling

Load Scheduling: Automated ISO Interaction

In a single platform, you can schedule your load with independent system operators in North America with less time and effort.

Predictive Analytics Meets Unprecedented Efficiency

Integrating with Innowatts’ Load Forecasting module, the Load Scheduling module lets you review your load forecast and schedule your load right from a single platform. No need to create individual, time-consuming Excel files for each ISO. We provide one platform, minimizing human error and the need for additional training. And unlike other platforms, ours will show you how your position is doing after it’s submitted.


  • One single platform and file format for all North American ISOs prevents errors and reduces training time
  • Transparent and dynamic UI to view hourly breakdown of positions, submission statuses, historical submissions, and data downloads
  • Multi-user access controls and credentials management 
  • Easy single or bulk adjustments directly within the platform; submit for multiple flow dates, locations, and ISOs at once
  • Fully integrates with other Innowatts modules, including Load Forecasting and Risk Management, for better accuracy and easy flow of load and supply positions into the platform

Connected Yet Flexible

Innowatts’ modules can be added one at a time or as a complete end-to-end solution, with each module working seamlessly with the next.

A Force Multiplier

While our modules deliver value on their own, combining Load Scheduling with Load Forecasting dramatically amplifies the power of meter-level data.

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