Pricing Management

Energy Pricing Management: AI-Driven Insights

With meter-level usage intelligence, matching your customer with the perfect product and rate just became infinitely easier.

A Shorter Path to Greater Success

Innowatts’ Pricing Management module leverages machine learning and AI-driven analytics to reveal behavioral insights on every individual customer. Knowing what drives consumption helps you align your customer with the appropriate rate and product, boosting your bottom line, reducing acquisition and retention costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction.


  • Ability to define as many cost components as needed for energy products 
  • Ability to define any number of cost components as pass-through for a given energy product
  • Seamless integration with Innowatts’ platform to pull volume inputs automatically and  to pull in the forward prices maintained by trading teams
  • Create different energy plans (fixed, TOU, EVs , bundled)
  • Use any number of forward curves or manually provide the volume inputs
  • Build pricing matrices to be used for potential customer groups
  • Design pricing for various energy products for each customer in a group of as many customers needed

Know Your Customer. Transform Your Business.

There is endless value in understanding your customers. Innowatts’ Pricing Management module helps you deliver a more personalized experience to your customers, building trust and reducing churn. It also encourages new product innovation, which is especially relevant as green and other new technologies become prevalent.

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