Product Management &
Smart Engagement

Personalized Predictive Engagement

When you understand your customers’ usage, you understand your customers. Which makes it easier to target the right customers with programs and products to achieve your program goals.

Go Beyond Off-the-Shelf Segmentation Data

With meter-level load characteristics and AI-driven analytics, you have a rich source of actionable data to identify and rank the best-suited customers for specific programs. Likewise, this information helps you identify customer needs, so you can develop programs to meet them.


Our platform can work with your current CRM and digital engagement system to maximize ROI, so you have the data to make the message relevant.


Smart Engagement is a powerful CX tool for transforming how you service your customers. Smart Engagement pairs meaningful content with your customers’ preferred delivery channels – email, SMS, voice call or app.

Our interactive tools help you create and target customized campaigns and messaging on the fly, then easily track results. Over time, our system learns the relationships between these efforts and customer behaviors to continuously optimize your portfolio and product offerings. Additionally, everything is automated, leading to better results with lower engagement costs.

From a customer’s meter, Innowatts can identify sudden usage variations that don’t correspond to temperature changes, which suggests that his or her HVAC is underperforming. You can then send that customer a Smart Alert encouraging them to have their cooling or heating system checked.