Risk Management

Risk Management: Predict and Manage Energy Volatility

Be ready with Innowatts’ Risk Management module, which helps market participants predict and manage periods of highest exposure.

Navigate Uncertainty

Combined with Load Forecasting and Load Scheduling, Innowatts’ Risk Management module shows the value of transparent, meter-level customer data. View supply and demand positions with customized granularity, all from one interactive platform. In today’s volatile energy markets, this level of decision-making power is a huge plus.

Find Operational Efficiencies

Seamless integration of Load Forecasting, Load Scheduling and Risk Management modules brings every team together on the same platform, with the same data.


  • Net open position using various forecast scenarios
  • Supply mark-to-market using various price scenarios
  • Market cost of block and shaped position using various forecast and price scenarios
  • Supply cost allocation to various PnL books
  • Dynamic position reporting 
  • Allows for quantifying risk at more granular level
  • Flexible data feed from other data sources or Innowatts modules; price feeds from client or 3rd party
  • User defined customizable input adjustments 
  • Various data export capabilities
  • Fully integrates with other Innowatts modules, including Load Forecasting and Load Scheduling, for better accuracy and easy flow of load and supply positions into the platform

Enhance Supply Management Decision Making

Run scenarios based on different weather conditions. Manage supply costs. Monitor compliance. Optimize trading and hedging decisions and avoid potential loss from uncovered positions. With more transparency, you’ll easily see which customers or parts of your portfolio present the greatest risk.

Insights for Profitability & Margins

With meter-level intelligence, you can secure your profit margins with pricing that accurately reflects actual costs – in advance and over time. Innowatts’ Gross Margin Analysis module (part of our Risk Management offering) combined with data generated from Load Forecasting, factors in the details that could otherwise sink your bottom line.

For each meter, Gross Margin Analysis captures the revenue and cost assumptions used at the time of pricing, then refreshes the revenue and cost forecast for each meter on a regular basis. From a continually updated perspective, it explains the change in gross margin forecast based on business drivers, compares the forecasted cost against actual invoices, and optimizes sale and product focus.

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