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Meet Our Partner Providers
American Light & Power
With headquarters in Houston, Texas, American Light & Power is proud to be the electric supplier of choice to residential and commercial customers across this great state since 2007. We know low energy rates are at the top of your list when choosing an electricity provider and we offer a wide range of plans from short term to long term to meet your low cost electricity needs. Your interest remains at the top of our list, from competitive electricity rates and plan options, to reliable and easy to understand electricity bills, to friendly customer service.

Locations: Texas
Amigo Energy
Amigo Energy was founded in 2003 and is one of Texas' oldest electric retailers. Amigo Energy is a full service retail electricity provider to residential and commercial customers in Texas and New York. Amigo's philosophy is to treat customers with respect, and offer straight talk and simple advice about your energy choices.

Locations: Texas
Ambit Energy
Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the United States, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of more than 250,000 Independent Consultants. Based in Dallas, Texas, our company is focused on being the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America, offering cost-effective choices for today’s energy consumer. In 2010, Ambit was named #1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America by Inc. magazine, and we continue to pick up steam as the fastest-growing company in the retail energy sector today.

Locations: Connecticut, Delaware, Washinton D.C, Illinois, Maine, Massachusettes, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, & Texas
Bounce Energy
Bounce Energy is a full-service power company dedicated to serving its customers in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. As one of the fastest growing energy companies in the country, Bounce offers plans, rewardsand other services for you in these markets.

Locations: Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania
Champion Energy
Champion Energy Services is the fastest-growing retail electric provider in the nation and the largest never to have been affiliated with a utility. Champion Energy currently serves residential, governmental, commercial and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets. Champion Energy offers competitive electricity rates, plans with no hidden rates and straightforward monthly electric bills, to ensuring that live customer care is available around the clock every day of the year.

Locations: Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, & New York.
Cirro Energy
Cirro Energy is a Texas electricity company that delivers exceptional customer service and electricity savings to over 150,000 homes and businesses in Texas. Cirro provides customers with smart money-saving plans, online and mobile account management, convenient payment options, local customer service, plus some of the lowest fixed rates available.

Locations: Texas
ConEdison Solutions
ConEdison Solutions is a national energy services leader that provides competitive power supply, renewable energy, sustainability services, and cost-effective energy solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and government customers. Offering energy plans that put its customers in control of energy costs and help them manage budgets and risk.

Locations: Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania,
Constellation, an Exelon (NYSE: EXC) company since 2012, is one of the largest energy suppliers in the United States and Canada and serves over a million residential customers and thousands of commercial customers. With its merger with Exelon, Constellation continues to be financially stable and backed by a strong parent company: Exelon has received many awards, including the top-ranked electric and gas utility on the Fortune 500 annually since 2008; one of Fortune Magazine's "Worlds Most Admired Companies" annually since 2006; the No. 1 ranks global electric utility on Platt's Top 250 Global Energy Companies list in 2012; and more.

Locations: Illinois, ConnecticutMaryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Washington DC, New York, Georgia, and Pennsylvania
Direct Energy
Direct Energy is one of North America's largest energy and energy-related services providers with more than 6 million residential and commercial customer relationships. Direct Energy provides customers with choice and support in managing their energy costs through a portfolio of innovative products and services.
First Choice Power
First Choice Power is a Direct Energy company, headquartered in Mission, Texas. It was certified in 2001 and has roots to serving Texans for over 70 years. The Direct Energy family is one of the largest energy and energy related providers with over 6 million relationships, both residential and commercial. First Choice Power’s mission is to put you and your community first. They have granted over 150 grants for over $500,000.

Locations: Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Connecticut, Michigan, Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts,
Frontier Utilities
Frontier opened its doors in 2008 and has been successfully providing residential, commercial, and industrial energy services for 6 years. Although operated in Texas, Frontier is expanding its service area to the North East, particularly focusing on New York and Pennsylvania. Frontier provides a wide array of suitable plans for every household. Whether your environmentally conscious looking for renewable energy or looking for plans without long commitments, Frontier has you covered.

Locations: New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas
GDF Suez
GDF SUEZ manages a range of energy businesses in North America. They bring clean, safe, reliable energy to customers and communities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. They own and/or operate power, cogeneration, steam and chilled water facilities – nearly 90% of them producing no or very few carbon emissions – representing a capacity of about 13,000 MW of electricity generation, 3.4 million pounds of steam, and 37,000 tons of chilled water.

Locations: Texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts
Green Mountain Energy
Green Mountain Energy was founded in 1997 with the mission to change the way power is made. They were one of the earliest pioneers in offering cleaner energy to consumers and businesses. More than 17 years later, Green Mountain Energy is the longest serving renewable energy retailer and remains the only retail electricity provider in the nation that is committed to this mission. Cleaner energy is all they do.

Locations: Texas
Hudson Energy
Founded in 2002, Hudson is one of the fastest-growing energy solutions providers in North America providing natural gas and electricity. Hudson is an innovative business-to-business supplier of electricity, natural gas, and green energy solutions. Hudson helps you do business. Husdon believes in building long-term relationships with customers and partners on a foundation of openness. Huston strives to be a leader that outpaces innovation in the energy industry by setting an example others want to follow. Hudson stands up for the ethical treatment of employees, customers, and the environment.

Locations: California, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusettes, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec & the United Kingdom.
Infinite Energy
Infinite Energy is an innovative supplier of retail and wholesale energy. They provide natural gas and electricity in Texas and natural gas in Florida, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey. Established in 1994, Infinite Energy has grown into one of Florida's largest privately owned companies and was recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Florida in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Locations: Georgia and Texas
Just Energy
Just Energy is a leading provider of natural gas, electricity and green energy. Established in 1997 and as a publicly traded company (NYSE:JE and TSX:JE), Just Energy serves more than 2 million customers across North America. Along with electricity and natural gas supply, Just Energy offers green energy product options and energy efficient programs that let customers support a cleaner environment. Just Energy stands by its vision to be the gold standard in retail energy delivering stability, value and innovation in every customer, shareholder, employee and community relationship.

Locations: Texas, Califonia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, & Pennsylvania
Pennywise Power
Pennywise Power started to give savvy electricity shoppers like you a better solution that brings together great prices and dependable service. Pennywise realizes those are the basics that matter most to you and have created electricity packages that provide some of the most competitive prices around. From month-to-month to fixed-price plans, Pennywise allows you to pick the best option for your home.

Locations: Texas
Reliant Energy
Reliant Energy provides electricity and other energy solutions to more than 1.5 million residential and commercial customers across Texas. Reliant is a leader in offering cleaner, smarter energy solutions. As a member of NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG), Reliant Energy has behind it one of the largest power producers in the United States. NRG makes Reliant stronger for its customers through its commitment to sustainability, renewable energy, innovation and community involvement. Similarly, Reliant Energy is committed to its customers and passionate about delivering electricity, smart energy solutions and service and support to their customers everyday.

Locations: Texas
Spark Energy
Spark Energy is a full service supplier offering low-cost electricity and natural gas solutions to homes and businesses across the country in over 15 states including California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Spark Energy has tremendous experience in the retail energy business and uses their experience in energy markets and buying power to deliver a wide variety of cost-saving solutions with the highest levels of customer service.

Locations: Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, California, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Connecticut
Startex Power
StarTex Power is a Houston-based retail electric provider proudly serving residential and business customers across Texas. Apart of the Constellation family, a leading competitive retail supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services for homes and businesses. Constellation’s family of retail businesses serves more than 2.5 million residential, public sector and business customers, including more than two-thirds of the Fortune 100.

Locations: Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, and Connecticut
Tara Energy
Founded in 2002, Tara Energy was one of the first electricity providers to offer competitive products and prices following the deregulation of Texas' electric markets. Since then, Houston-based Tara Energy has gained the support of loyal residential and commercial customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense, by delivering competitive prices to its customers and providing honest service. Also contributing to its growth, Tara Energy believes in participating with the communities in its service areas through active engagements.

Locations: Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, California, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Connecticut
Think Energy
Think Energy is one of the nation’s only retail electricity providers focused primarily on small businesses. Because of this, they know it takes smart management of your budget and bottom line. With expert customer service, easy to understand plans and competitive pricing, our customers can better focus on running their businesses—and know they have an electricity provider that understands their needs.

Locations: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York
TriEagle Energy
TriEagle Energy is an energy supplier focused on establishing trust with its residential and commercial customers in Texas and Pennsylvania by understanding individual energy needs and providing customized solutions and products. TriEagle Energy delivers value and energy cost savings to its customers through its experience and creativity in the deregulated energy industry.

Locations: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas
TXU Energy
With roots going back over 100 years, TXU Energy is a market-leading retail electricity provider, powering the lives of more than 2 million Texans. TXU offers commercial and residential customers energy-efficient options, renewable energy programs, and other electricity-related products and services. TXU is committed to always improving the communities, create greener neighborhoods through tree-planting programs and through offering aid to those who need assistance paying their electricity bill.

Locations: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas
Veteran Energy
Veteran Energy began in 2010 and services residentail and commercial customers. Veteran Energy's misison is to positively impact the lives of veteran and active-duty military personnel across the United States. Veteran provides an unparalleled service and value in energy products through company standards of excellence, integrity, dedication and trust. A portion of Veteran's profits goes to families through community-level veteran and active-duty military service organizations.

Locations: Texas
Verde Energy
Verde Energy USA is an independent electric supplier based in Norwalk, CT, that provides consumers with renewable energy plans and competitive electricity rates. Since its founding in 2009, the company has grown from a local provider into a corporation that serves more than 300,000 residential and business customers throughout the United States. While the company is headquartered in Connecticut, you'll also find solutions from Verde Energy in Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Locations: Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania