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Setup Your Electricity
To get electricity in your new place all you need is your new address and a copy of your most recent bill. Enter your zip code in the text box above and select the “Get Started” button. You’ll then be transported to our usage identification page.

Here we wil ask you 5 simple questions in order to identify your specific electricity needs. Answering these questions will result in personalized products and customized pricing that fit your individual usage profile. You’ll have the ability to skip these set of questions, but will recieve standardized products and pricing.
Calculate Your Cost
While you shop for a plan, utilize our nifty new calculator tool to help you determine your monthly cost. Simply provide us a rate and an usage amount and we’ll tell you what you can expect to pay. Making your decision making a whole lot easier. Determine what plan work with in your budget before you enroll.

Give it a try once you hit our plan section and be pleasantly surprized at how helpful it really is. You may even just start calculating every rate we have. Put away that blocky T99 and short form formula and experience the ease of our new calculator.
Control Your Budget
You just moved into your new place and have no idea what your budget will look like next month. Well Innowatts is taking care of that piece for you. Monitor your energy consumption in realtime off your phone, tablet, or desktop device. See your usage break down in daily, weekly, and monthly increments. Make meaningful adjustments to your consumption before you recieve your monthly bill. Know the exact time, day, and week your home or apartment uses the majority of your energy.

Create specific alerts to notify you when your comsumption reaches a set threshold, when to renew your plan, and when to pay your bill. Gain the insight needed to have complete budget control and to become more energy efficent in your new place.
Switching electricity providers is a hassle, but Innowatts made it extremely easy for me. I saved 40% instantly using Innowatts!"
Jeff Newhook
Houston, TX
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