How does your forecast perform when it really matters?

For years, the energy sector has relied on having accurate and reliable load forecasts, driving everything from long term capital investment plans and ratemaking, to short term planning and operating decisions on the grid.

But despite the myriad of new technologies and analytics methods at their disposal , many Utilities and Retail Energy Providers still rely heavily on the same basic forecasting approaches and frameworks they did decades ago— top down methods that work well under normal circumstances, but often fail during periods of extreme weather or price volatility.  It’s these periods that can have the biggest impact on energy provider’s gross margins and costs to your customers.  It’s times like these that differentiate the best from the mediocre in load forecast performance.

Is your load forecast ready for what the market will throw at it next?

‘Power it up’ with eUtility™

Innowatts eUtility™ platform brings a new dimension of sophistication and rigor to your forecasting ecosystem. By integrating bottom up smart meter intelligence into the equation, Innowatts is able to strengthen the accuracy of your overall load forecast, and dramatically improve the transparency and visibility needed in managing those less frequent but more costly gaps that can kill your bottom line.

eUtility™ provides one integrated forecasting platform that combines smart meter energy intelligence from your customers, with powerful machine learning insights from over 34 million active and analyzed meters around the world, helping you improve your current forecast and discover new applications for that intelligence across your whole business

> Unparalleled Accuracy

…when it matters most, especially in “high exposure” periods where Day ahead: Real Time price spreads are widest, and forecasting errors most costly

> Improved transparency

… into variances and gaps- helping you finally understand the reasons for those “unexplained variances” and make valuable course corrections earlier in the operating cycle

> Increased Customer Level Visibility

…helping you see which customers are impacting your risk and COGS the most, and factoring those insights into critical planning, pricing and product choices

> New sources of business value

…bringing the benefit of bottom-up predictive customer intelligence a wide array of applications across your business. From pricing to programs to customer engagement. One truth for all of your predictive load intel


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