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How To Switch Providers
To switch electricity providers all you need is your service address and a copy of your most recent bill. Enter your zip code in the text box above and select the “Switch Now” button. You’ll then be transported to our usage identification page.

Here we will ask you 5 simple questions in order to identify your specific electricity needs if you are a home owner. Answering these questions will result in personalized products and customized pricing that fit your individual usage profile. You’ll have the ability to skip these set of questions, but will recieve standardized products and pricing.
Switch Once & Done
One-time enrollment for hassle-free switching of energy plans at the end of contract.
  • We shop the market up to 1 year in advance with your profile
  • Months prior to your contract end date you recieve personalized plans based on your companies profile.
  • Never go through enrollment process again just verify information and you are done!
Compare and Switch
There are no power lines that work better because of the brand behind it, so why not aim for the best electricity plan you can afford. We lay out all of the providers for you with the options to choose, compare and customize the best energy plan for your home, apartment, or business.

Innowatts makes switching electricity plans from provider to provider easy. We have this crazy idea that you should be able to make all of the decisions and control where your money goes when dealing with electricity. When we say choose and compare anywhere, we mean it! With our mobile site, you get the ease and comfort to shop and save everywhere.
Customized Plans
70% of consumers cross subsidize 30% of the market.To solve this probelm, we’ve leveraged our technologies to identify your usage needs and habits in order to give you personalized plans and custom pricing. Giving every consumer who utlizes Innowatts the ability to break the mold and recieve a personalized energy products.

When you shop for electricity through Innowatts you get plans that meet your specifc energy needs. We’ll tell you how much you can expect to pay each month and how much you’ll be able to save each month per plan. Giving you greater budget control and better options.
Need A Little More Help?
Need help enrolling your home, apartment or business. Select the button below and we’ll take you to a step by step. We’ll tell you each step you have to complete and identify what you’ll need before you start.

Rather talk to one of our representatives, give us a call and we will assit you with your enrollment over the phone. All you need is your most recent bill and service address readily avaliable and we can do the process for you.
Go Step By Step