The eUtility™ Platform

One integrated and scalable solution for transforming the energy experience
  • Integrated Actionable Intelligence

    Enabling sustainable supply and delivery of low-cost energy
    Transforming the way energy is priced and valued
    Differentiate your portfolio with products that matter
    Reinventing the way you engage and interact with your utility

    eUtility™ provides intelligence for the whole business. Companies leverage smart meter-enabled data and analytics across every business function- from customer communications and engagement to energy procurement and risk management.

  • Smart Meter Enabled Analytics

    Our simple, efficient, and intelligent tools combine meter data with customer and operating data, weather derivatives and other market intelligence, to create a comprehensive “energy print,” a virtual fingerprint for each customer’s consumption and the drivers that can be utilized across the business to maximize value.

  • Customer Load Disaggregation


    Our proven analytics models quickly assess how weather, customer behavior, interactions, and facilities affect energy consumption, delivering comprehensive load analyses at customer and organizational levels. The platform uses the latest in machine learning technology to accurately predict how changes in these complex drivers will affect usage at the customer and system level.

    • Consumption profiles for every customer
    • Isolating sensitivities, such as weather and customer schedule
    • Clustering and segmentation at organizational levels
    • Load implications for products, programs, ETRM, customer engagement and operations
  • Consumption Based Segmentation

    PowerEASE integrates essential data on customer behavior into your segmentation models to refine and target your product and customer strategies on the right markets at the right time. Most segmentation approaches cost millions but incorporate consumption intelligence only at a superficial level.

  • Predictive Customer Engagement

    PowerEASE transforms a reactive, service-based customer experience to a predictive and proactive data-driven collaboration, at a fraction of the cost. Plug-and-play solutions integrate customer intelligence and predictive analytics to improve real-time engagement.