Empowering Enterprises and Energy Providers with AI Driven Business Intelligence.

Better Energy Data, Better Business Outcomes, Better Future.

With some of the fastest machine learning available and powered by over 45 million meters, Innowatts helps energy retailers and utilities make better business decisions, improve business processes, ensure grid reliability, achieve sustainability, minimize risk and understand their customers.

Energy Utilities & Grid Operators

AI-powered data helps you proactively manage risk, grid maintenance and resource planning. Make better capex/opex decisions. Substantiate rate case and product development. Prepare for carbon neutrality and better understand your ratepayers.

Energy Retailers

When you know your customers, your load forecasting and risk-management decisions are based on data—not instinct. Proactively manage cost and supply. Tailor your product offering and marketing, while preparing for the energy future.


45 Million Meters and Counting
With a growing volume of meters under management, Innowatts knows how people use power. Our platform is built off the analysis of millions of global meters.

96X the Update Frequency
While most of the industry updates data daily, we can update incrementally every 15 minutes for unparalleled accuracy.

Accelerated by AI
With a platform that leverages vast stores of data and machine-learning capabilities, Innowatts delivers insights up to 45% faster, exponentially transforming how you think about and service your customers.

Analytical Expertise
Our expertise encompasses data engineers, PhD-level scientists and energy-industry innovators—all finding solutions for our customers’ challenges.

Global Diversity
Our solutions aren’t bound by geography. Our models have learned from 45 million meters worldwide, so we’re in sync with regional challenges.

Fast and Effortless Deployment
Onboarding takes weeks, not months. Our solution can be tailored to your needs and workflows, even running in tandem with other platforms.

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