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of Tomorrow's Energy

Predictive energy intelligence, disaggregated at the customer level
Precision customer and portfolio level forecasts, battle-tested in all major energy markets
Customer level costing and risk intelligence for pricing and commercial operations
“Best fit” suitability and propensity models for personalizing customer energy solutions
AI enabled "smart energy alerts" and proactive marketplace offerings

Unlock the Predictive Power of Your Smart Meter Intelligence

Digital innovation begins with a deep understanding of what drives customer behavior - something Innowatts understands better than anyone. With over 30 million smart meters enabled to date, Innowatts has produced an unmatched body of machine learning insights into how customers use energy across a wide range of operating and market environments- insights that help energy providers leverage the full value of their customer meter intelligence.
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Innowatts eUtility™

The Nerve Center of Digital Energy Innovation

eUtility™ is an integrated cloud-based platform that helps utilities and energy providers quickly harness the power of their customer energy intelligence, and extend that value to every part of the energy operating model through a powerful suite of AI enabled business applications. Make eUtility™ the center of your digital energy transformation journey...
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Value. Delivered.

Million Smart Meters Enabled
Average Improvement in Forecast Accuracy
Improvement in Product Targeting
Reduction in Customer Churn

Our Work

Unlocking AMI Insights

Innowatts helps leading Utilities leverage the full value of of their smart meter data, delivering actionable energy intelligence to every part of the utility business- from procuring energy more optimally in competitive markets, to helping customers optimize their energy behaviors and technology choices.

“A solution that brings our smart meter data to life and monetizes its value across our business portfolio”
Director of Digital Transformation
Leading Investor Owned Utility (US)
Optimizing Energy Procurement Costs

Innowatts helps leading retail energy providers better identify and manage risk across their entire energy portfolio. Innowatts delivers the most accurate energy forecasts available in the industry today, and combines that with cutting edge risk and costing intelligence to help lower costs and improve operating margins.

“Bottoms up load forecasting and risk intelligence that we can quickly translate to our bottom line”
Chief Risk Officer
Leading Competitive Energy Retailer (North America)
Optimizing the Smart Grid

Innowatts provides leading Distribution Utilities with a powerful body of behind-the-meter customer and energy intelligence, critical in seamlessly integrating DER’s (Distributed Energy Resources) and IoT into the power grid, minimizing risks and optimizing ROI.

“Vital customer intelligence that helps us identify risks and optimize the full value of our distributed energy portfolio”
Vice President- Smart Grid Innovation
Leading US Investor Owned Utility
Personalizing Energy Solutions

Innowatts is helping leading utilities streamline and personalize their entire suite of customer energy solutions, through hyper-targeted marketing and customer engagement channels that brings those solutions to the right customers at the right time.

“Designing an intelligent suite of energy solutions, matched with precision to each individual customer”
Director- Customer Energy Solutions
Leading Global Retail Energy Provider
Delivering Smarter Customer Engagement

Innowatts provides AI-enabled energy intelligence that helps energy providers simplify, streamline and automate every facet of their customer engagement platform -delivering a new breed of digital innovation that helps optimize costs, improve satisfaction, and lower customer churn.

“Reinventing customer engagement by making it more proactive and relevant to each individual we serve”
Chief Customer Officer
Regional Energy Retailer (Deregulated Market )

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