The Innowatts SaaS Platform integrates into your business operations to securely deliver the Energy Insights you need.

The Innowatts Platform is built from the ground up with security, privacy preservation and user experience at its heart.

We partner with industry leading security providers including Okta and Rapid 7 to help deliver and maintain our SOC 2 Type II certification, providing peace of mind for you, your compliance, and IT teams.

Operating at proven scale, managing over 52 million meters, ingesting streaming and batch data, and providing Insights and Forecasts at an individual meter level as frequently as every five minutes.


We make the complex simple, providing out of the box integrations with a variety of markets and systems to Connect your data, reducing the need for engagement or investment from your internal IT resources and accelerating the time to value and pace of your innovation. 

Data quality is paramount to the delivery of meaningful results, this is why Innowatts developed the Data Quality Engine (DQE). The DQE inspects incoming data and where required corrects each data point as it is ingested and processed for compliance with over one hundred and fifty parameters.

The Innowatts Platform outputs are pushed to your upstream services to drive action through a variety of methods including API, SFTP, and Microsoft OneDrive integration.



Our advanced AI Extracts over 30 Insights from every meter, identifying and categorizing the load and generation types that reside Behind the Meter (BTM).

Users can quickly explore vast data sets, identifying those meters with the highest relevance to their business objectives.

For example, the highest ranked customers in terms of PV suitability in a particular zip code, or the feeders subject to challenging usage patterns resulting from accelerating electrification.


Our AI driven forecasting process identifies the most appropriate models and is configured to produce Forecasts on a cadence that meet your needs. With the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, you need access to the most up to date data and forecasts. You can configure Alerts to notify you when these events appear on the horizon for any weather station or combination of weather stations and you can increase the Forecast frequency to meet your changing needs at these times. Our 24 x 7 operations team provides ongoing monitoring of markets, conditions and our AI systems performance. Backed by our global team of Data Scientists, we evolve our capabilities following our customer lead roadmap.


Explore, understand and act on your data with our Insights and Forecasts delivered via the Innowatts Competitive Edge user interface. Focus on a cohort of meters or explore all, define thresholds and configure Alerts, push outputs to upstream services. Drive timely risk decisions with our Forecasting, Net Open Position, Mark-to-Market, and Trades Insights. Optimize load with our DER solutions. Adjust and schedule load into US markets using our Scheduling service. Understand the profitability of each meter. Drive customer engagement and deliver to your Net-Zero goals.

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