Who we are

Innowatts is a leader in AI energy data analytics serving retail energy providers, utilities & grid operators, as well as commercial, industrial, and public entities worldwide.

Our SaaS platform provides companies with the data they need to be more predictive, proactive and connected to their customers, helping them better manage risk, improve profitability, maintain grid reliability and anticipate sustainability trends.

We have a thriving, culturally diverse environment, and we’re aggressively investing to maintain our solid technological leadership. We are curious, passionate problem solvers, tackling complex data and energy challenges – and we are growing our team – check out our open positions.

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What we do

We deliver actionable business intelligence to enable your Net-Zero, Profitability, and Reliability goals by extracting and delivering value from energy data.

Our AI-powered platform has learned from millions of meters from around the world and delivers actionable and amplified business insights and knowledge. This gives you the power to make the right decisions faster, to connect with – and retain – your customers, to forecast more accurately, to manage risk and to improve your bottom line.

How can we help you today

Our models have learned from over 52 million smart meters – and that number is growing by the day. Accelerated by AI, our technology applies that collective learning to your customers’ meters, revealing actionable insights to help transform your operations. Moreover, our technology makes it surprisingly easy to use that intelligence the way you need it, with specific solutions that can be integrated one at a time or as a full suite.

The Innowatts platform will enable you to

  • CONNECT and explore the energy data you need and integrate it into your business operations quickly and securely.
  • EXTRACT and unlock value from your meter level data through actionable industry leading insights.
  • FORECAST more accurately by leveraging advanced award-winning machine learning models which provide next generation forecast accuracy.
  • DELIVER the Sustainability, Reliability and Profitability goals of your business today.

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The Innowatts SaaS platform transforms how energy providers understand and serve their customers. Our AI-powered platform has learned from over 52 million meters and delivers actionable and amplified business insights and knowledge.

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