Houston, TX & New York, NY | March 13 2024

Innowatts, a leading provider of AI-powered energy analytics, and Therm, a pioneer in energy automation software, for both natural gas and electric retailers, have today announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration will present Retail Energy Providers with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance and optimize their business operations and ROI.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies as it combines Innowatts’ deep expertise in energy data analytics and forecasting, with Therm’s innovative solutions across real-time sales, pricing, and portfolio management capabilities, for Energy Retailers of any size. Customers will gain access to precise, actionable data insights to enhance decision-making, reduce costs, and advance their business goals.

The Innowatts AI-powered platform gives users the power to make the right decisions faster; to connect with – and retain – their customers, to forecast more accurately, better manage risk, and to improve their bottom line.

Therm’s Saas platform delivers unparalleled business insight with integrated CRM, Pricing, and Portfolio management, enabling meaningful customer engagement and business efficiency.

“We are thrilled to partner with Innowatts, a company that shares our vision for enabling Energy Retailers to navigate the Energy Transition and deliver a sustainable energy future” said Brian Fino CEO of Therm. “Gaining access to Innowatts’ advanced energy analytics will empower customers to enhance and streamline the management of their energy portfolios.”

“Partnering with Therm represents a fantastic opportunity to put our technologies to work in new and exciting ways” said Zohar Asher, Chief Commercial Officer at Innowatts, commenting on the partnership’s potential. “Our collaboration will leverage the strength of Innowatts AI-powered data analytics and forecasts with Therm’s cutting-edge energy solutions, setting a new standard for Retail Energy providers. Together, we are not just enhancing energy management; we are empowering our clients with superior data-driven decisions, fostering sustainability, and driving unparalleled economic value.”

About Therm

Therm is a leading provider of energy automation software for both natural gas and electric retailers, providing real-time sales, pricing, forecasting, and portfolio management capabilities to retailers of any size. Coupled together with any leading billing system, Therm provides a turn-key solution that can be provisioned in days and delivers a return on investment (ROI) in less than 3 months. Visit https://therm.energy and follow Therm on LinkedIn.

About Innowatts
Innowatts is a dynamic and innovative leader in AI energy data analytics serving retail energy providers, utilities and grid operators, as well as commercial, industrial, and public entities worldwide. The award-winning Innowatts SaaS Platform utilizes best-in-class Artificial Intelligence to unlock grid edge opportunities, increase customer value, and accelerate the energy transition by leveraging Insights from more than 53 million meters globally, delivering real-time, customer-centric energy analytics with unprecedented accuracy. With clients and operations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Innowatts is a global leader, enabling energy providers to become truly customer-focused and fully leverage the power of data to transform their businesses. For more visit innowatts.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

Therm | Brian Fino | [email protected]
Innowatts, Inc. | Zohar Asher | [email protected]

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