Providing the world’s largest energy suppliers with the intelligence to lower energy costs, optimize risk and maximize customer value.

Data-driven differentiation

Customers are inundated with products and plans from retail energy providers and brokers, all trying to differentiate on price and service as margins decline. Innowatts provides actionable intelligence and customer insights that help you cut through and differentiate yourself in ways that matter most to your customers.

Lower risk, maximize margins

Innowatts’s machine learning-enabled technology helps you manage risk by reducing uncertainty in demand forecasting and optimizing supply alternatives. That means lower cost of energy, more competitive pricing and increased earnings. Our solutions improve accuracy and value.

Personalized customer engagement and energy solutions

Innowatts’s solutions help match products and services with customer consumption behaviors and lifestyle to create a more personalized experience throughout the customer lifecycle. That means lower acquisition costs, higher satisfaction and less churn.