Innowatts Integrates with EC Infosystems to Extend Offerings Across Energy Markets

HOUSTON, January 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Energy analytics pioneer, Innowatts, announced today that it has entered into an integration agreement with EC Infosystems (ECI), the largest and most widely used electronic data interchange (EDI) and Billing/CIS service provider in the United States.

The collaboration will harness synergies between ECI’s EDI and Billing/CIS offerings, which facilitate transactions for more than 300 retail energy providers and utility companies across 23 deregulated U.S. states, and Innowatts’ eUtility platform, which combines data intelligence from energy providers’ existing customers with powerful machine learning insights gleaned from more than 23 million smart meters. Combined, the eUtility and ECI platforms will provide utilities and retail energy providers unparalleled real-time insights into their entire energy ecosystem, allowing them to monitor changes proactively and allocate energy supplies more cost-effectively, reducing financial and operating risks.

“Integrating with ECI will help us not only reduce time to market for our existing joint customers but also enable all energy players across the deregulated marketplace to quickly optimize energy costs and empower their consumers with personalized products and services,” explains Innowatts CEO Sid Sachdeva. “This is a big step forward for energy companies that want to use hard data to boost their performance and to deliver cheaper, more reliable energy to their customers.”

With more than 20 years of industry experience, ECI facilitates EDI and Billing/CIS transactions for over 6 million meters per month, automating and streamlining market-data file transactions between deregulated utilities and their energy suppliers and trading partners, while ensuring compliance with national and market-specific standards.

That dovetails with Innowatts’ focus on delivering actionable, data-driven intelligence to energy providers and using cutting-edge technology to provide reliable and accurate energy demand forecasts, boosting reliability and reducing operating costs. Both Innowatts and ECI already serve many of the same customers in Texas and other deregulated U.S. energy markets, and the companies continue to actively pursue areas of collaboration which will deliver additional value and mission-critical insights to utilities and energy providers.

“ECI has enjoyed our close working relationship with Innowatts, which has pioneered an advanced and comprehensive smart meter-enabled energy intelligence,” says EC Infosystems’ President and CEO, Mohan Wanchoo. “We look forward to deepening our integration in the future as more players enter the deregulated energy market.”

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About EC Infosystems
EC Infosystems is a market-leading Software as a Service provider (SaaS) of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and UtiliBill™ (Billing/Customer Information Solutions (CIS)), serving more than 300 clients in the deregulated energy industry across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The company’s sophisticated software platform is user friendly, improves efficiency and operating performance, and provides clients with a strong competitive advantage. For more information, visit

About Innowatts
Innowatts is a leading provider of AMI-enabled predictive analytics and AI-based solutions for utilities, energy retailers and smart energy communities. To date, the Innowatts eUtility™ technology platform has provided nearly 23 million energy consumers and their energy providers with access to lower energy costs and more reliable and personalized energy experience. Innowatts is backed by Energy Impact Partners, Shell Ventures, Iberdrola (Spain), EEI (Japan), Evergy Ventures, and Veronorte (Colombia). For more information, please visit

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