Innowatts and mPrest Partner to Enhance Behind-the-Meter Transparency

Innowatts, the self-learning and self-serving retail energy platform providing customer-centric energy intelligence and business solutions across the utility value chain, and mPrest, a leading global provider of mission-critical situational awareness, analytics, automation and control software for Grid Modernization, today announced a partnership to integrate customer/behind-the-meter intelligence into mPrest’s Grid Modernization “System of Systems” applications.

As part of this partnership, mPrest will integrate Innowatts’ leading AMI-enabled energy analytics, predictive load disaggregation and customer level load forecasting into its production-proven Grid Modernization “System of Systems” applications and artificial intelligence analytics platform, enabling utilities to better predict and manage reliability risk, optimize grid assets and lower costs for customers. Customer-level usage history and forecasts will be integrated with mPrest’s analytics models and visualizations, creating a fully integrated set of network simulation, planning and control scenarios. Innowatts and mPrest are collaborating further on the use of advanced AMI analytics to supply a wide range of asset health and system operations support as well.

“We are very excited to partner with Innowatts. Jointly, we create new opportunities to drive grid efficiency and reliability,” said Ron Halpern, Chief Commercial Officer at mPrest. “As demands on our system become more dynamic and unpredictable, having an accurate behind-the-meter energy forecast at a customer-level can be an extremely valuable planning input in state estimation and real-time simulation of grid impacts and required responses to operations, topography and other critical decisions; especially, in cases where utilities may have limited visibility beyond the meter.”

“Our vision at Innowatts is to radically transform the energy value chain, using customer-level predictive intelligence to enable a new level of learning and automation to the full suite of utility business functions,” said Bob Champagne, SVP of Business Development for Innowatts. “Augmenting mPrest’s expertise in grid automation and control, DERMS and Asset Management, with our behind the meter load analytics and actionable intel creates a bold new source of value that will help clients optimize grid assets, lower costs, and improve reliability in ways never before possible.”

As part of this relationship, utilities will be able to benefit from the true revolution of the Internet of Energy (IoE), revolutionizing the way they collect and analyze data and utilize these actionable insights across their entire organization for grid management.

Innowatts and mPrest will be showcasing the integration of customer-level forecasting, analytics, grid automation and control at this year’s DistribuTECH. For more information, or to schedule a demo of this capability, please refer to the media contacts below or visit or

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About Innowatts

Innowatts is a leading provider of AMI-enabled predictive analytics and machine learning solutions for utilities, energy retailers and energy consumers. The Innowatts energy analytics and eUtility™ solutions suite of self-learning/self-serving automation is currently deployed across multiple utilities and Retail Energy Providers processing over 14 million energy meters providing a comprehensive suite of demand analytics, customer-level load forecasting and risk management, personalized pricing, energy solutions and customer engagement. Innowatts is backed by Shell Technology Ventures, Iberdrola and Energy and Environment Investment (Japan). For more information, please visit

About mPrest

mPrest is a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software. Leveraging the power of the Industrial IoT, mPrest’s integrative “system of systems” is a proven catalyst for digital business transformation. Our management solution has been deployed in next-gen IoE (Internet of Energy) applications for power utilities, as well as innovative management applications and IT/OT integration for water utilities, smart cities, defense and HLS. For more information on mPrest, visit

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