Innowatts Reveals Economic Impact of COVID-19 Crisis

With the pandemic and shelter-in-place rules causing massive economic disruption across the United States, reporters have been eager to find rigorous, quantitative ways to show just how different industries are being affected by the crisis. A growing number have come to Innowatts for help understanding the scale of the crisis — and we’ve been able to use our rich, real-time data to unlock new insights into the state of the American economy.

Generating and analyzing data-driven intelligence that’s fresh and reliable enough to drive national news cycles is hard work in the best of times. We couldn’t be prouder of our team, who’ve been working long hours — even while learning to cope with remote working conditions — to pore through huge data-sets and get reporters the news-worthy insights they need.

Here are some of the top media outlets that have reported on our data and technologies in recent weeks:

  • The San Diego Union-Tribune published a feature based on our data and an insightful interview with our CEO, Sid Sachdeva. “Our global economy is an electricity-based economy,” Sid reminded readers. The Tribune News Services also circulated the report, which was republished by major news organizations including MSN (link).
  • The Associated Press also ran the Union-Tribune feature, which was reprinted across the country in major metro publications such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Modesto Bee, the Havasu News-Herald (link), the Arizona Daily Sun (link), the Rock Island Dispatch-Argus, the Lewiston Tribune (link), the Macon Telegraph, and the Bakersfield Californian.
  • Axios made our data the centerpiece of a major report shared with its website readers and newsletter subscribers. “Since electricity consumption directly correlates to human activity, it offers a window into how businesses are faring as much of the country is locked down,” writes energy reporter Amy Harder.
  • The Houston Chronicle reported on our ability to deliver powerful, accurate forecasting at a time of disruption for the energy sector. “Innowatts, the Houston-based energy analytics company, is predicting that daily residential energy use during the coronavirus outbreak will increase as much as 8 percent,” the newspaper noted.
  • VentureBeat highlighted the way that Innowatts’ AI-powered analytics help utilities to adapt to changing consumer behavior in real time, and included an in-depth interview with Sid. “During these turbulent times, AI-based load forecasting gives energy providers the ability to … develop informed, data-driven strategies for future success,” Sid said.

It’s great to see Innowatts’ forecasting technologies and analytic capabilities winning national recognition, and to share our data and insights with readers all across the country. Above all, though, we’re proud to be pulling together as a team, and working to meet the needs of our industry during these challenging times.

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