Channeling Intelligence from
Millions of Consumers.

Innowatts: Where Energy Data Goes to Work

Today, data is the lifeblood of business. And Innowatts’ platform is powered by lots of data – 45 million global meters and growing. Whether you’re looking to accurately forecast load, design rate plans or achieve sustainability goals, our secure, AI-powered platform works for you. It automates your business processes while making those processes smarter through analytics. That translates to a reliable grid, a more profitable position, increased efficiency and a sustainable energy future — with happy customers every step of the way.

Intelligence Acquired

As frequently as every 15 minutes, meter data is pulled, providing accurate and granular usage information.

Modules Deployed

Applying AI capabilities, gleaned from 45 million meters, data filters through our plug-and-play modules, based on your needs.

Value Delivered

Knowing your customers translates to actionable insights – helping you better manage risk, predict load, make faster decisions and streamline business processes.

Powered By Core Analytics

Innowatts’ Core Analytics module uses meter data to segment consumption by weather, time, and base-load criteria. This information can then be combined with our modules – one at a time or as a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution – for optimal efficiency and scalability. You have the data you need to understand your customers and their usage, leading to better business decisions.

core analytics

Core Analytics

Understand power usage on a deeper, granular level and act on those insights with Core Analytics, the foundation of the Innowatts platform.

load forecasting

Load Forecasting

Create and manage demand for every meter to understand usage variances, leading to better planning and grid reliability.

Grid Edge Management

Support your infrastructure strategies and investments with real, bottoms-up usage data for greater grid reliability.

Load Scheduling

From a single platform, schedule loads with independent system operators in North America with efficiency and ease.

Risk Management

Realize the full value of meter-level data to predict and manage periods of highest exposure and reduce renewable ROI.

Product Management & Smart Engagement

Identify and rank the best-suited customers for programs and engage them with through customized, configurable, and proactive value-add communications.

Pricing Management

With individual meter-level insights, determine optimal pricing and match your customers to the appropriate rates and products.

core data analytics