Load Forecasting

Load Forecasting: Energy Forecasts With Unparalleled Accuracy

load forecasting

Innowatts’ models are informed by 45 million smart meters from around the world. This helps you know your grid, inside and out.

See the Future. Secure the Future.

Empowered by machine learning and built by load forecasting experts for load forecasting experts, we help you better manage your business.

Our Load Forecasting module manages short- and long-term demand for every meter. For utilities and grid operators, it helps you really understand usage and plan for the future to keep your grid reliable. For retailers, our Load Forecasting module provides meter-level visibility to see which customers are most impacting risk and COGs. 

Meter-Level Intelligence, Working in Tandem

Load Forecasting data becomes input for other insight-revealing modules, like Load Scheduling, Risk Management, and Pricing Management.


  • Automated and machine learning-enabled, on-demand forecasting tool
  • Ability to forecast at multiple levels, including system, OPCO, feeder, and meter levels
  • Forecast for different horizons – short term and long term
  • Forecast for different weather scenarios – normal, backcast, actual, and forecast
  • Ability to configure multiple input variables
  • Detect technologies, such as solar panels, EVs, heat pumps, and more with behind-the-meter visibility 
  • Group meters with similar shapes and creates load profiles for forecasting 
  • Access consumer level data and perform customized and visualized analyses

Grid Reliability

With accurate load forecasting data, utilities can better evaluate and act on infrastructure needs, from upgrades and maintenance to rate case substantiation.

Load Demand Analysis and Market Knowledge

For retail energy providers, accurate load demand forecasting allows for scheduling in the day-ahead market, with visualization of real-time market prices against what’s forecasted or scheduled. Truly understanding customer behavior by segment allows for more meaningful marketing and educational initiatives. 

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