Shortening the Distance Between Millions of Data Points and ROI.

45 Million Smart Meters Empowering Your Operations

Our models have learned from 45 million smart meters from around the world – and growing. Accelerated by AI, our technology applies that collective learning to your customers’ meters, revealing actionable insights to help transform your operations. Moreover, our technology makes it surprisingly easy to use that intelligence the way you need it, with specific business products that can be integrated one at a time or as a full suite.

STEP 1: Onboard Faster

Instead of waiting months, you can be up and running in weeks, with access to smart meter, AI-enhanced intelligence. Our platform and products also integrate easily with your current system and processes, maximizing connectivity.

STEP 2: Put the Data Into Overdrive

Business transformation stems from actionable intelligence, and this intelligence is accelerated with advanced analytics, AI and machine learning. Applying models informed by more than 45 million smart meters, we help transform your data into clear and predictive revelations.

STEP 3: Unleash the Power of Core Analytics

Through our platform, you have access to an integrated suite of products customized to your needs and preferences. Assess the impact of new electrification technologies, strategically ramp up to renewables, reduce costs, enhance customer lifetime value, forecast more accurately and market more effectively.

STEP 4: Impactful Results – Fast

All of these actionable and AI-amplified insights are quickly accessible via our platform. In 4-6 weeks, you can be up and running with tools for short- and long-term forecasting, demand bid submission, gross margin valuation, pricing, smart engagement and DER enablement. Truly understanding how your customers use power – and using this knowledge to transform your business – has never been easier.