Upstream, downstream, and everywhere in between

Much of today’s customer intelligence and smart meter data is limited to helping customers save energy. And while it is essential in meeting our energy efficiency and sustainable goals, influencing customer demand is only a small fraction of the value that can be extracted with the right analytics and business applications.

Innowatts eUtility™ platform not only makes smart meter and other customer intelligence accessible to key business stakeholders, but also provides a suite of modular applications to power the specific needs of functional areas across the business. This enables you to tap into often undiscovered value that remains hidden in your business processes. From upstream energy functions like forecasting, trading, pricing and risk management to downstream functions like customer segmentation, product placement, customer acquisition and engagement- our solutions drive value into each and every corner of your business

While many of our clients utilize our full suite of Enterprise applications, some find it more useful to utilize our analytics to quickly address and solve a specific business challenge. Our solution suite is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to deploy as few as one or two modules to address specific needs, but also grow and extend to other parts of the enterprise as your business needs evolve and change and the value of smart meter analytics is more broadly understood.

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