Data is the Engine That Will Lead the New Energy Revolution.

Empowering Greener Energy and Renewable Sources

Sustainability is now business critical. Whether you’re in Stockholm or Sioux Falls, market forces and regulatory requirements are converging to make the move towards a greener energy mix inevitable. Key to achieving those goals – whatever they are – is data. With meter-level customer usage insights from Innowatts, energy providers have a window into the future. Our products are designed to predict and influence customer demand – not just supply – shifting usage to times when supply is drawn from renewable sources.

Prove Your Leadership While Protecting the Planet

In a fundamental way, sustainability is efficiency. The goal is to eliminate waste and avoid mindless and costly power generation. Innowatts helps you efficiently match supply to demand by time of day, recommending products and incentives to shift loads while ensuring the profitability of renewables like wind and solar. And helping your customers understand their consumption and shift to renewables is something everyone can feel good about. 

Establish Credibility

Innowatts can help you differentiate as a true “green” player, avoiding pinch points when renewable supply can’t meet consumer demand.

Maintain Grid Reliability

As the proportion of renewable generation grows, we can help you strategically ramp up, avoiding costly updates of existing systems.

Act Versus React

With meter-level understanding of your customers, you have the predictive ability to formulate smarter long-term sustainability strategies.

Create New Revenue

Introducing your customers to cost-saving products that promote sustainability increases loyalty and adds potential revenue streams.

Sustainability is in Our DNA

From the code we write to the modular products we develop, everything we do is designed to reduce waste and enhance efficiency. It even drives the relationships with our investor partners, many of whom are heavily vested in renewable and energy transition technologies. We want to work with you to unlock the power of your data and unleash the energy revolution.