Anticipate the Future Instead
of Reacting to the Past.

Innowatts and Energy Utilities & Grid Operators

With Innowatts, you can have total control over your meter data. Combine your data with powerful machine learning insights gleaned from more than 45 million meters, and can truly know your customers, transforming how you identify trends, maintain grid reliability, make better capex and opex decisions, reach your sustainability and environmental goals, and demonstrate load increases and maintenance expansion demands to regulators.

When Data Drives, You’re Moving.

Our models are informed by insights from 45 million meters, which means we can do more with your data. Amplified via machine learning and Core Analytics, our insights empower smarter business processes and decisions. Our product modules can be added in the best way to suit your needs, quickly and easily.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints and save money. As renewable generation grows, you need to ramp up without compromising grid reliability. Innowatts gives you the insights to point consumers in the right direction, while helping to achieve your own sustainability goals.

With an accurate understanding of how people use energy, you can offer your customers and ratepayers the products or services they need. This knowledge also creates selling opportunities, reduces the risk of deregulation advocacy and minimizes customer service calls and associated costs.

Innowatts provides an end-to-end solution with modules that can be fully integrated to transform how you operate. Or they can be deployed one at a time—whatever suits your existing needs and workflow considerations. Either way, you’re up and running in weeks, not months.


How can we maximize utility and ROI of our AMI data, quickly?


With our AI-enhanced platform, utilities can ingest and apply insights from large volumes of historical meter data in a fraction of the time it takes with internal or alternative vendor solutions. Then make those insights available to anyone who needs them. Identify the unique drivers of every load profile, like weather or daily use patterns. Segment those patterns and engage those customers accordingly.